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In conjunction with our collaboration with the leading jewellery manufacturers in Poland and well-known artists and designers, we are proud to present you the finest jewellery, made of amber and precious and semi-precious stones. These pieces feature unique design and authenticity, while settings for the amber, the pearl of the Baltic, highlight its precious nature. You will find here only the finest and most beautiful works in amber. We do our absolute best to make your purchase in our Gallery simple and pleasant, and to satisfy your expectations.


Boruni has been active in the jewellery market since the early 1990s; its founder and owner, Tomasz Mikołajczyk, ran his own successful jewellery design studio for many years before starting the company.

In our offer you will find both unique jewellery inspired by the latest trends in jewellery design as well as classic timeless models. We collaborate with the leading Polish and Lithuanian manufacturers, and with recognised artists and jewellery designers. In addition to our line of women’s and men’s jewellery, we also offer original applied designware and amber artworks.

Amber laboratory

As part of our commitment not only to the beauty of amber, but also to its purity, we’ve created the Amber Laboratory, where we carefully check whether the materials we have purchased are made of genuine Baltic amber or of an imitation; a state-of-the-art and reliable spectrometer guarantees the authenticity of the resin, which we confirm with a special certificate.

Baltic amber

Baltic amber (succinite) is a fossil resin which formed under natural conditions 45 million years ago. In spite of the many processes, which the resin went through to transform into amber, it remains in the fossil stage, i.e. is subject to oxidising and polimerisation. Since this process is ongoing, amber keeps changing so we can assume that it is a “living” stone, friendly to humans.

Natural Baltic amber exists in two basic varieties (which depend on the internal structure) – transparent and opaque. Transparent variation is one in which there is no gas bubbles, otherwise known as trinket or honey, or in a small amount with a cloud. In turn, opaque variations may occur in the colors white and yellow.

Amber is a “living stone forever”, which manifests its life changes in color. This happens after exposure to air, light, and by changes in humidity and temperature. Changes in the color and structure of amber are noticeable after 15-20 years. Bright colors go into more orange, red, covered with bark. Amber airs from the outside to the inside.

In nature there is no red or black amber. These colors are artificial, obtained in an autoclave under the action of heat, pressure and other inhibitors.

Baltic amber contains from 3 to 8% of succinic acid and it is distinguished from the other existing in the world resins (they contain from 0 to 3% succinic acid). Most of succinic acid is in the outer layer.

Explore the magical and healing power of amber

Amber contains many valuable trace element such as silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine volatiles, resin, acids. It has been discovered that succinic acid acts as biostimulator – it stimulates the nervous system, regulates the work of the kidneys and intestines, is antiinflammatory and antitoxic. This component is used as a basis for ointments and creams, as well as for rheumatism, asthma, ulcers and imitation of the skin and can be used in the treatment of bronchial, throat and thyroid gland. Acid and oil obtained from amber are also used by the cosmetics industry as they destroy free radicals and bacteria, have disinfectant properties, as well as mitigating the effects of bums and insect bites. Cosmetics containing amber are designed to care for tired skin. They also improve the hydration and lubrication, increase firmness and elasticity, reduce roughness of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Proper care guidelines

  • keep your jewellery in cotton pouches
  • clean amber stones very gently with dry cotton cloth only. Amber is very soft and delicate stone so rubbing it too strongly and intensively may damage stone.
  • you can clean silver and gold with jewellery care products but make sure that the product does not come into contact with the amber stone
  • take off your jewellery before going to sleep
  • do not ware it while practicing sports, washing up etc.
  • do not sprinkle perfume on the stones and metal


All of the amber pieces which we display have been previously spectrometer-tested for authenticity, confirmed by a certificate. This certificate is issued solely for the individual piece tested. The certificate, with a unique hologram, includes a description of the piece, its mass, the assessor's opinion on any reconstructions or modifications, and the date and place of testing.

Amber Collection

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