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Boruni is a company operating on the jewelry market since the early 1990s, and its owner and originator is Tomasz Mikołajczyk, who before starting his commercial activity successfully ran his own jewelry workshop for many years. Our offer includes both unique jewelry inspired by current jewelry fashion trends, as well as classic jewelry with timeless designs. We cooperate with leading Polish and Lithuanian manufacturers and renowned artists and jewelry designers. Moreover, in addition to women's and men's jewelry, we also offer original everyday products and works of amber art.

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Amber laboratory

Taking into account not only the beauty of amber, but also its purity, we have created the Amber Laboratory, where we check whether the products we purchase are actually made of real Baltic amber or are an imitation of it. A modern and reliable spectrometer recognizes the authenticity of the resin, which we certify with a special certificate.

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Baltic amber

Baltic amber (succinite) is a fossil resin that is approximately 40 million years old. It stands out from other resins due to its age, succinic acid content ranging from 3 to 8% and exceptional beauty.

Natural Baltic amber comes in two basic varieties (which depend on the internal structure) - transparent and opaque. The transparent variety is one in which there are no so-called gas bubbles. trinket or are in small quantities with a cloud. Opaque varieties, on the other hand, can come in white and yellow colors.

Amber is an "ever-living stone" that manifests its life through changes in color. This happens as a result of air, light, as well as changes in humidity and temperature. Changes in the color and structure of amber are noticeable after 15-20 years. Bright colors turn more and more orange and red, and they grow on the bark. Amber weathers from the outside in.

Baltic amber contains from 3 to 8% of succinic acid, which distinguishes it from other resins existing in the world (they contain from 0 to 3% of succinic acid). The most succinic acid is found in the outer layer of amber, the so-called bark.

Rules for proper amber care

  • store jewelry in cotton bags
  • Clean amber stones very gently using a dry cotton cloth only
  • Amber is a very soft and delicate stone, so rubbing it too hard may damage the stone
  • silver and gold can be cleaned with jewelry preservation preparations, but be careful not to allow the preparation to come into contact with the amber stone
  • take off jewelry before going to bed
  • do not wear jewelry while playing sports, washing dishes, etc…
  • do not spray stones and metal with perfume
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Unique Amber Collection

Our collection includes unique jewelry with Baltic amber, unique sculptures and unique everyday items. These are original collections made in one piece, constituting small works of art.

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